TRC Property Management Services

TRC property management provides professional management services for owners of residential properties including condominiums, boutique apartment buildings and even small commercial projects.

In a perfect world, you would rent your property promptly to a long-term tenant who would keep your property in perfect condition. However, the real world would often present unexpected issues such as a burst pipe or default in rental payment. As a property owner, you are probably aware that property management, if handled inefficiently, can sometimes result in a costly loss of rental income and precious time. Whether you’re an expat owner of a property living out of Bangkok or a full-time property investor who owns several properties, outsourcing your property management to TRC is an intelligent option that can enable you to have a peace of mind. The goal of our TRC Property Management Team is to maintain a harmonious and problem-free relationship between your property, the tenant and you, the owner.

What services does TRC property management provide?

For new property owners, TRC will inspect, furnish and shop for you!

TRC will assist to:

  • inspect your new condominium for or with you,

This should be done before your final payment & transfer of ownership.

  • open your Thai Bank account,

Bank account holder has to be physically present.

  • furnish your property,*
  • shop for furnishings on your behalf,

The option of shopping with you for a day is available: Our friendly staff can assist you in communication with the shop’s salesperson.

  • arrange with 3rd party company for curtain, wallpaper and carpet etc. delivery and installation,*
  • receive all furniture and furnishing items and be present for all installation.

*Please note furniture, additional furnishings such as curtains and wallpaper etc. including delivery and installation charges are not included in the Property Management Package.

For owners of existing properties, TRC will find a suitable tenant for you!

TRC will assist to:

  • advertise your property for lease,*

Your property will be on our rental priority list. We will market your property aggressively and ensure that you secure a rental as soon as possible. Advertisement platforms include TRC official website, TRC Facebook Fan Page, paid English property portals DD Property and Hipflat Bangkok, various Thai property websites and cooperation with external property agencies. To increase the rate at which your property is rented, 100% commission will be given to the external agent with the successful tenant.

  • conduct viewings with prospective tenants and agents,
  • carry out tenant screening and negotiation,
  • collect and assist in banking in security deposits, upon signing of the booking form,
  • prepare property photo inventory and Rental Lease Agreement,
  • arrange cleaning and air-con servicing services for your property,*
  • handover your property smoothly to the tenant,
  • monitor tenants on monthly rental payment,
  • inspect your property when the tenant moves out and ensure that required cleaning is done,
  • manage any problems that may arise with the tenant or property during the tenancy period,
  • manage difficult tenants,

In unusual cases, where tenants are found to have breached the tenancy contract under illegal circumstances, we will assist to lodge a formal police report and seek the assistance of the condominium Juristic person to gain access to your property.

  • collect and pay monthly utility bills on your behalf,*should your property be unoccupied,
  • conduct monthly inspections of your property to ensure the unit is problem free, should your property be unoccupied.

*Please note rental commission, cleaning and repair fees relating to the property, utility bills incurred and condo maintenance fees is not included in the Property Management Package.

The Benefits of engaging TRC Property Management:

  • Less chances for a Problem Tenant – With more than a decade of experience in the Real Estate industry, we will screen prospective tenants for you. We know how to spot red flags associated with problem tenants.
  • Decreased Tenant Turnover – It starts off by finding the right tenant and when these tenants experience a problem-free, well managed living experience, they are more likely to extend their lease and become long-time, income generating tenants,
  • Timely Rent Payment – With proper lease policies and consistent rent reminder, you will receive your rent on time every month.
  • Maintain Property Condition – With problem-free, long-term tenants and timely maintenance, your property will maintain its condition most efficiently, decreasing the cost of future repairs/replacement which will help improve your ROI in the long term.

Personal Benefits for You the Property Owner:

  • Less Stress – You will completely avoid every issue ranging from small problems hanging a piece of art to a late-night emergency. You can rest assured your property will not be harmed by tenants or lack of necessary maintenance by the sometimes-incompetent juristic offices and you will not be wasting your time preparing mundane paperwork.
  • More Free Time As a foreign investor, you surely believe that ‘time is money’ and by engaging TRC property management, your time can be more profitably spent researching and obtaining more investment properties to add to your Thailand Real Estate investment portfolio. You will never have to sacrifice any time with your friends and family dealing with any concerns about your property.
  • Peace of mind – Enjoy collecting rental without having to worry about the day to day management of bill payments, property defects or tenant complaints.
Services New Property Owner Package Existing Property Owner Package
Inspect your new condominium for or with you
Re-inspection of your property upon rectification
Assist with opening your Thai Bank account
Furnish your property
Shop for furnishings on your behalf
Receive all furniture and furnishing items
Be present for installation of furniture and services
Advertise your property for lease
Conduct viewings with prospective tenants and agents
Carry out tenant screening and negotiation
Collect and bank in rental security deposits
Prepare detailed property photo inventory
Prepare Rental Lease Agreement
Arrange cleaning and air-con servicing services for your property
Handover your property to the tenant
Monitor prompt monthly rental payment
Inspect your property when tenant moves out
Manage any problems that arises with the tenant
Arrange for any maintenance and repair, when needed
Pay utilities bills on your behalf while the property is vacant
Conduct monthly inspection of your property while property is vacant
Prepare quarterly statement of incurred cost, if any
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